Microsoft Acquiring Github

Author: Shazin Sadakath

For the developers who are living under a rock, it might come as a surprise that Github is going to be acquired by Microsoft. Yes it is happening. Microsoft being a pioneering company for primarily closed source software since its inception as gradually taken a move towards open source since the appointing of his current CEO Satya Nadella. With his guidance Microsoft is more cloud focused and enables open source tools in their cloud hosting Azure as well in operating systems such as Windows 10 for example in the form of Windows Subsystem for Linux where linux distributions can be run inside of Windows. 

Github is said to be world's largest software development platform with over 28 million developers collaborating and has over 85 million code repositories. Github does support both SVN and GIT source code management systems which are the two most familiar SCM amongst developers. 

This news was announced by both Satya Nadella in his blog and Chris Wanstrath CEO of Github in his blog. Lets wait and see how things roll out in the future.

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