Java EE Specification is renamed to Jakarta EE

Author: Shazin Sadakath

The Eclipse Foundation re-named each Java EE specification standard to Jakarta EE.

The name, Jakarta EE, is the second major re-branding of Java EE. In May of 2006, the "J2EE" was deprecated and the name Java EE was came to be. Also the number 2 was removed from J2SE as part of Java SE 5 (2004).

The reason for this change was a disagreement of re-using the javax namespace, the name of Jakarta EE provides a distinction for what an application is:

This change may go invisible for many developers who just use the libraris in the application code level. But for those who port, maintain applications, they must make sure that they use a application server or servlet container which understands Jakarta EE. Also they must ensure that dependencies in applications use new group and artifact IDs.

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